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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

as every budy saysthe cocept is ood but...

i think u should make it end i mean u should make it as astory as most of madness games


im with ColonelArcher: an upgrade system would be good, really good, like the one from the Road of the Dead.
Besides that, the game is great! the idea is cool (even more with the Madness characters)
well, thats it!

Good concept

Good game and concept. Like others, I found that the shooting didn't seem to extend too far, or didn't go where I thought it was going (hand-eye-mouse coordination). Maybe using the keyboard for steering and increasing / decreasing speed, and being able to shoot in the direction the mouse points. This last bit to kill those that are on the side.

Not bad, good concept.

I felt like it was much too easy. You could definitely include an upgrade system of some sorts (they seem popular nowadays) and/or increase the on-screen up grades. gun didn't shoot far enough and aiming was a little loose. music was good, more work it could have been better. add more levels, don't use a static terrain and include a reward (upgrade system) at the end of each wave and i think you'd have a front page game right here.

Better than the one on the front page.

Fun dynamic of being the car gunner type of idea. I liked it.