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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

good game but..

dont get me wrong its a very good get its kinda like those games to pass the time i guess but into like wave 4 i started lagging alot Man great game and all but you need to fix the lag and add a couple more enemies is what im saying

Quite a unique game

It's great to see the angle of a game done like this. You don't see many Madness Combat games like this or any other games here for that matter. I am glad to review my first Madness cartoon of the day! Well, it's a game, but you get the idea. The most annoying thing is that you can keep on firing and firing but never hit anything. You really have to follow the red stripe because a lot of the times I'm fooled into thinking the enemies have to be near the gun.

I was kind of hoping the car would explode when I died. It's still interesting to know that there are great vehicular combat games like this. It was still unique, because it wasn't you fighting over cars (except for the truck). I love to just see the agents flying around and being splattered everywhere. With the shaking off action, this seems like it would make a good game for the Wii.

Just a time-killer... for now

I find this a very interesting idea, however in its current state it just seems like one of those pointless games you use to pass the time. Don't get me wrong: I understand it's suppose to be a no-brainer, but even then there are still many areas that could be improved. Though a better plot wouldn't be a bad idea either...

First and foremost, the controls. It's extremely vexing that the guy with the gun always has to shoot forward, especially considering he's not the driver. Perhaps it would be better if the gunman was controlled with the mouse cursor while the car movement was set via keyboard?

Second: there seems to be a problem with the collision physics. Namely what bothers me here is that no matter how hard I ram a motorcycle I always deal the same amount of damage. This is even more annoying when you consider that the yellow bikers don't feel the hit at all. I mean come now, I'm driving a four-wheeled ton of metal!

The last problem is with the visual repetitiveness. So the cliff goes on forever - fair enough, but why does it have to be so dull? Do include some broken signs, ramps, fences, overpasses, crossroads, bridges, etc. in the next update. Also, like someone already mentioned, more different enemies and mini-bosses wouldn't hurt either... actually, they will hurt us... you know what I mean.

One last thing I'd like to point out is the interface. While it's not that bad, it's not good either. Probably the biggest issue is that there's no way to pause/end the game without dying first. Other then that, I found the current look quite boring. Barely ever did I have time or, for that matter, remember to look up to check the cars health or my remaining ammo. It could really use a user-friendly overhaul.

Hope I made at least one useful suggestion. I wish you much luck in further development! ;^)

None match Madness Interactive

But this was still interesting enough to kill time.


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