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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"


Hahaha, that was awesome!
Hilarious, I gets to runs down the daily drivers! Muahaha!

It Doesn't Deserve to have a Trophy

All though i respect the Attributes and other Sh** but it just goes On and On and on and fu** i Died


Awesome part is when it fet repetitive.(sarcasm)

This is a useless review


It was fun the first time, but way too repetitive. Nothing interesting happens.

goodish game

id have to say its nowhere near the best of madness and other flashes
i like how you can usually evade but once you get to wave 5 and theirs zombies parachutes and yellow dudes pushing you into them its got real hard to dodge i mean its not all fair if u cant just move em of to the side im always getn cramped up until i die stuck inbetween everything zombies and all in all fairnes that mini should be a little stronger for pushing coz i only got to round five starting of wa hard to get used to espesially when the car doesnt quite aim the centre at the mouse it waz geting anoying and hard to follow or aim at people.
anyway i do like the the trucks you have to get in the danger zone to kill it while its amusing to watch dead guys rolling past