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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

its alright exept for 1 thing

Its an awesome game, but the thing that pisses me off is that the pistol is slow and the health pack doesnt even give you that much health

awesome game

I really like how you brought back Deimos cause Hes my favorite character cause he's the only oneseen as a funny man shown in madness 9 where he put on the ATP mask and tried to scare sanford.

This game is really easy and deserves to be on my favorties list. p.s if you don't like the game its just that you and other people are terrible at gaming =C


Honestly not all that great just repetitively killing motorcycles and trucks with a slowww as hell pistol with the occasional upgrade that comes and is basically useless just like this game

The-Swain responds:

Your parents are very disappointed in you and embarrassed to take you out in public.


i told my bro dont crash in them i gose a dose it


i love it cause it has deimos and sanford my too favorite guys realy deimos more the sanfod actualy

The-Swain responds:

We thought Deimos deserved the spotlight, considering what happens to him that episode :X