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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

This game i WAY to hard but i like it...

hardest game to download ever

OMG this is so goood! so addicting! 10/10

the hardest game ever

Tips For The Enemies:
Normal Solder (Agents), Agents Is Easy, But When He Got Your Car, He Maybe Knock It, Remember Shake Your Mouse To Make Agents Stop Knocking Your Car.
Annoying Soldier (A.T.P.), ATP would be ANNOYING, As He Have Lots Of Health, Hard To Get Killed By Car. Or Other, ATP Would Be Shoot You. I Would Recommended You Kill The ATP First As He So Annoying.
The Boss (Armoured Truck), This Boss Will Appear In Each Wave, Just Be Carefull. The Armoured Truck Have 3 Weapon:
1. The Agents, Agents Would Be Catching And Knocking Your Car, Just Be Carefull. It Would Be Annoying You Will You Are Shooting The Truck/Enemies.
2. The Gas Barrel. Be Carefull, It Can Deal Damage To Your Car. So Go Avoid The Barrel If You Don't Want Die.
3. ATP Soldier. They Would Shoot Your Car. Go Kill The ATP Soldier Before Your Car Damaging.
The Jebus/The Savior. Don't Talk Me, YOU CAN'T SHOOT HIM. At Least He Summoning The Zombies. Jebus/The Savior Would Be Appear In Wave 5+.
The Zombies. Avoid Zombie Attacking Deimos, Zombie Wouldn't Damaging Your Car. But He Wouldn't Make Your Shooting, So Be Carefull.

1. Daily Driver: Kill 1 Civilian Or Traveler For Getting This Medal.
2. Truckstopper: Destroy The First Truck.
3. Atheist: Survive Jebus/The Savior Without Killing/Hit/Got Caught By SINGLE Zombies.
4. Undertaker: Killing All Single Zombies Without Getting Caught? Maybe?.
5. Score UNSTOPPABLE Kill Combo With ONLY Pistol.
6. Improbability Drive: Survive 10 Wave Into Impossible Wave.

1. Shotgun: Can Shoot Enemies In Big Area.
2. Auto Rifle: Fast Shoot And Can Shoot Enemies In Big Range.
3. Grenade Launcher: Kill In Enemies In Big Area + Big Range.

Sorry I am Only Finish The Wave 6 D: .
Hope It Helpfull.