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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


HANK + clown = its raining blood

...God Save Us All...

Hank comes after you? Situation:Fucked up
Tricky comes after you? Situation: Run for your fucking life
Both of them comes after you? Situation: GOD SAVE US ALL! FUUUUUU
Haha nice idea of them teaming up.
I don't really like how it's all from a scene to another so fast a little complicated have it slower and not fast. The Beauty of Madness is the beauty of killing not the fast paced shit.

Love It!

Cant wait to see more! I love your style of animation. Great smoothness.

@Bobjam well they could but ill bet that one of them will 'backstab' the other at the last second

u needa know da dragon sword doesnt say How ud like ma sword it instead says Destroy otherwise cool :P