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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"

I was a little bit boring

Yes i support the thing of poor graphics & the way people are killed. you should see foward in putting more time on making the animation.

Drifts responds:

I wouldn't go as far as saying they were poor. They did need alot more work, but it wasn't to bad.

Somethings missing

Over all animation was good, but the graphics and how the people were killed wasnt all that exciting. Take yer time on the animation and dont try to rush it; id bet it would have been ball'er if you took your time.

Drifts responds:

will do the next time, fo sho!


hank and tricky are now friends?! good job other than the fact that tricky and hank are really mortal ennemies

Drifts responds:

Their not friends HA! But they need to work together to defeat their common enemy. Not everyone can do everything alone :)

Good job.

The animation and art is great. Good job dude. 10/10 you earned it!


Forgive me if i am wrong, but dont hank and tricky hate each other? And it is an eight for the tricky fail and the poor graphics. Otherwise, pretty much up to par with the madness series. Nice job.