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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


Now that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sure can't wait to see how it ends.


when hank and clown play together...

you know the sky is going to rain bodies

the clonw and hand work toto togoer sweet

no word for this it just to epic good job drifts i give this a five

pretty cool!

must see end ! MUST SEE END!!!

Quite enjoyable

(The reviewer below obviously used a broken translator, pay no heed)

The overall style was pretty good looking, although those quick action moments could've been done a little more smoothly. Other then that, good music, good sound,I enjoyed this very much!

I must point out: No mask on Tricky? It's optional I suppose but his sign is definitely supposed to be a "!" sign not "Stop" sign. I'm sorry had to throw that out there :(

Drifts responds:

Yeah i noticed the stop sign half way through doing the animation >.<
And i was going to add the mask but i was going to have him put it on for a certain scene which i left out but is considering adding in the future