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Reviews for "Madness Ultimatum_"


THAT WAS AWESOME! Or, to put this description in a funnier way,




Thanks, Drifts. You made a really good video.

Oh Man

I just Went Through a Swf of Proness

It's good, but would never happen

clowns too much of a troll to ever work with someone.

Good drawings

Really good.

@Rillow - Are you blind? or just blatantly stupid?

You certainly have some skill.

First off, that was a good choice of music. Secondly, your background animation was exquisite. It reminded me of back-drops from retro video games where you know somethings happen, and you're going to get sucked into it. Unfortunately, some of the action sequences weren't quite as smooth, but I understand that's more difficult. I'm a fan of seeing Hank and Tricky work together for a change. Great work.