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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


still needs alot of work...

Spudzy responds:

Okay but 1/10? Screw you!


ima just give this a big 0 for the fact that the author seemed to bash every bad rewiew. u mad brah? cant handle bad rewievs? need to grow your e-peen? awell even if i did write a decent rewiew of this game seeing as i would have given it a bad rewiew anyways the retards here would have just bumped it usless due to it not being a praise of the game.

Spudzy responds:

Poor troll, trying to get attention :'(

Yea it's madness...

...to rate it good. Sorry but that was like one of the weakest "Madness" games i've ever played.

can't complete

ADD A MEDKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too easy to die

Spudzy responds:

Try again