Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


I really don't why people are giving this game a ten. Its alright. I like how you can switch between characters but the other character doesn't do anything. He doesn't attack the enemy or heal you. When I tried to shoot one of the enemies with the M-16, the bullet would hit but others would just fly past him.


extremely flawed, and once ur down uv got hardly any chance of getting up

fun but hard....

its very fun but the problem is its to hard

needs some tweaking

weapons on the tutorial
sanford needs Ai
that dude with the axe needs to slow down it was like as soon as i got close it was like rapid chop,chop,chop uh-oh hank died game over.
tons of stat upgrades.
maybe some plasma grenades or perhaps a short lived invincebilty mode by stat items
health packs

one thing to say

since everyone else pretty much said the bad things about the game. I hate how when you get shot and fly in the air you can still take damage. I can't get past the guy with the shotgun cause when he hits me i fly int he air the enemy behind me also shoots.