Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

nothing special

nothing interesting
after the first 2 rooms it gets boring
if it had some combos would make a lot better gameplay
all you do is hit or shoot with limited kind of weapons
probably leveling system wouldd be nice and a few upgrades or something

Spudzy responds:

A leveling system for a Flash Game as small as this? That's a crap idea...

Needs a lot of work....

This was not really fun because it was short and hard like for exsample when you try to go pick up a weapon the NPC'S come out of the doors quicker so im standing there trying to pick it up and they always shoot me before i can pick the weapon up and that just anoyyed me and the fighting isn't even fun because there's like only two fighting moves punch & mega punch what im gonna give you is a score 1/5 and your rating 3/10 next game you make try to put more work into it ok.


Response time is slow and there is particularly no reason to be able to play as 2 diffrent people when the one your not playing as just stands there.

yeah. . . i'll just pretend i never played this game and stick to madness project nexus

The background were bland and uninteresting the controls were sluggish the gameplay just wasn't fun the combat consists mainly of spamming the "A" key over and over again the music was terible yes it was a tiny bit of fun towards the beginning somewhat until i realized a couple hits in it was just this and that's all there is to it but i dont believe its as low as one star i think 1.5 for the little extra effort put in