Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

pretty good

Pretty awesome graphics.
Not so good gameplay,but it was awesome.
Great work man :)

Spudzy responds:

Thanks, next time I'll polish the gameplay alot more.

Not so good

Idea to control two characters is not so good, gameplay is very slow, and it's maybe not the best from madness games, it even has nothing, which you actually can call "Madness", everything is slow and not so entertaining.

Spudzy responds:

Everything is slow for you because you're a tramp who can't afford a fast computer.

Could have used more....

It was kinda buggy, and the enemies were too hard to killeven with machine guns.
Nice animation,art and gameplay.

Could use some work

It was an okay game, but I only tried it twice before giving up. First off, the enemies have craploads of health and do insane amounts of damage. Your AI doesn't do a damn thing and everyone just gangs up on you. When the enemies hit you, you most likely will die if you're below 50% health. Once you fall down, right when you get up you'll get knocked down again. There should also be some form of healing yourself. I understand you might be trying to make the game challenging which can be much more fun than powering through enemies, but this is a bit too hard. You most likely heard this in every review, so I'm sorry, but I felt I needed to throw in my two cents. So pretty much:
-Make a short delay so that enemies can't hit you right when you get up.
-Lower enemy health
-Add health packs or anything similar
-Add AI to teammate
-Make enemies attack teammate
-Make it so that enemies don't quickly attack you right when your in range. It's so goddamn unfair
-If you decide to tweak the game a bit and add some things, be sure to not to make it super easy.

I'm sure everyone would be happier and have more fun with your game if you just fixed it. It has potential to be great and I still congratulate you on being frontpaged, but I think it needs work. 6/10 and 4/5.

this game should be more action......