Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

with medals will gonna more awesome

this waas awesome game i realy like it but if you got the dual uzis is soo easy to beat the auditor but in all ways is cool

Spudzy responds:

I'm trying to add medals to this ASAP, I'll PM you if I do.


really good game, don't listen to all the haters ;D

Spudzy responds:


Great game
pls. make other version like madness 9 or madness 8
and also the comming on madness 11
also i know there must be mags in here but why theres not only one ,that ducky

Spudzy responds:

erm, I have more original ideas in mind for the future.

Game list
Madness interactive: Madness combat 2
Madness Accelerant: Madness Combat 7
Madness Amulation: madness combat 9
Madness Lunacy: madness combat 10

this game is impossible