Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


This is one of the coolest madness games i have played

Spudzy responds:

Now this is a review I like!

Its good.

Its a fun game kinda hard, good animated too, but the boss was too simple. Few parts could be better but still its good.

Spudzy responds:

Parts of the game are bad I must admit, but this game was rushed towards the end so I could submit it on time.

Thanks for the 10/10 score :)

Great game

It speaks for itself.You should make a multiplayer version.The only half-minus is that you don't aim and fire with the mouse,but that's nothing.This is an awesome madness game.Keep up :)

Epicly awsome!

Nice game. I wish I could animate but my first sketches on my paper (in real life) just don't match it.

Nice game
But the game is to short and the end is to easy
The auditor is the boss so it must be really hard to defeat him
Butt great work on the animation

Spudzy responds:

I was rushing when I was working on the last boss so that's why it's pretty bad.