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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

liked it but,

good but theres a bug ,on level 2 you can't hurt enemies

Spudzy responds:

I'm pretty sure you can?

Nice, but slow

Don't get me wrong, this game looks like Madness and it seems like there is going to be a good story within it, but you've made the controls slow, clunky and a little unresponsive for me.

The artwork is fantastic, it's not traditional Madness, as you've given us a little more colour than we are used to, but that's how you make it your own style, within a style. I did enjoy playing as both Hank and Sanford, as they both have differing abilities, which really helps to give the game a new dynamic, which I've not seen in other Madness games available to the discerning consumer.

To couple with the slow controls, the idea that you can only move left or right really hampers the game - you can jump, but not crouch and not being able to move in three dimensions within the game area makes the game seem less technically accomplished than Streets of Rage. The speed that projectiles fly through the air isn't up to much and I'd say that everything needs a good dose of tempo, to bring it up to scratch. Working on the control issues will help you, as you could bring cover into play. Sure, all of the mobs of goons don't fire at the same time, which makes it seem like they are lining up for me to kill them.

I have every faith that you can improve this game thoroughly!

[Review Request Club]

Spudzy responds:

Thanks for the nice and honest review.


Ultra But the Control not good and the Fight not so good

Pretty cool

Really like hte back and forth style, it really reminds me of donkey kong country, which I like a lot.

Thanks for using my music:]


I liked this game because I could just take any gun and shoot it at enemies, as well as due to the art and the storyline behind it. I'll elaborate on this later.

The graphics: The graphics are nice, and I especially liked the characters; they are Madness sprites, sure, but they're also well redrawn. Also, the background was drawn to particularly suit the type of situation Hank and Sanford are in.

The animation: Everything is animated nicely, with the shooting and the explosions particularly smooth; however, some parts were slow, maybe because of CPU usage on my end? Dunno.

The gameplay: It's just Run 'n Gun, like the genre says, but then again it could've been improved. For example, both Hank and Sanford only shoot in two directions: left and right, whereas the other characters, the "enemies" can shoot at any angle! That's an unfair (?) disadvantage! Then again, it could've been intentional.

The sound: The sound was appropriately chosen for the situation; they also sounded nice. Nice choice of sound; the sound effects were also appropriately chosen, giving an atmosphere to the whole situation.

I noticed a glitch, though: if you press A on Hank and press 2 while holding A, Hank will punch when you release A, even though you're controlling Sanford.
Overall, though, the game was good. Add medals and you'd have an even better game.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice choice of sound, sound effects
2) Smooth animation
3) Tough difficulty (?)
4) Good gameplay

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Glitch

[Review Request Club]

Spudzy responds:

Thank you alot for this review, you've put alot of effort into it I can see. That point you made about only being able to shoot left/right is wrong, you can, it says in the Auothor Comments that up/down aims (aims up and down). But anyway, thanks alot for the review. Peace.