Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


not cool

Spudzy responds:

A reason for why it's not cool? No? Well then it's there fore cool.


nice job dude!! 10-10 5-5

Spudzy responds:

Cheers dude

Not so good

Idea to control two characters is not so good, gameplay is very slow, and it's maybe not the best from madness games, it even has nothing, which you actually can call "Madness", everything is slow and not so entertaining.

Spudzy responds:

Everything is slow for you because you're a tramp who can't afford a fast computer.

Really needs improvement but good job.

i thought on MD2010 will have a game which u both use sanford and Deimos it ended up on 2011 but with hank.Nice idea of using 2 heroes at once but pls may i suggest for u to improve?

1.Hank's punches look so silly make it straight.
2.add combo's to their attacks,obviously it must be different in certain conditions like jumping but has the same time interval,,,translation=same "time" as u punch before but each punch changes turning to an uppercut or to a low blow.
3.Pls make your partner have its own AI as well if its possible.
4.jumping is unresponsive pls fix.
5.the guns are too weak pls try to up it out a little.make it as even as hank's damage.
6.enemies should have drops....health drops orMAKE AN RPG ASPECT OF IT like a bit of exp for each body count and u level up to increase health or add skill points or whatever IF POSSIBLE.
7.they move too slow and pls zoom the camera a bit.
Its still better than how i expected it so if u can do all this we would be pretty much obliged and it may get into the collection.

Spudzy responds:

Sorry about those problems with the game, I had to rush through some parts of the game else I wouldn't of finished it in time. Next time I'll start developing a game much more before It's due.

Thanks for the great review btw, I'll try to polish my games alot more next time.

well made

nice job man but the game itself lacks balance. The final boss was easy with the dual uzis if you had at least 100 rounds which wasn't too hard considering it gave you 500, and hank was just superior.

nitpicking aside great job with this.

Spudzy responds:

Thanks dude. I thought that giving the Two Uzi's 500 bullets would be a good idea because it's such a fun gun to use so why make it run out of ammo so soon. But thanks for being honest.