Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

good work!

fun yet intresting!...
here's a few questons i would like to ask:PS some of them aren't questons
1 how did hank get that arm?
2 no offense but the graphics are a bit boring could you update them?
3 im a bit put down using two player's its quit hard
anyway go go and keep up the good work!.

Spudzy responds:

1: Watch Madness Combat 9

2: I know, i'm not a great artist and updating the graphics now would be pointless, madness day was a week ago.

One of the best Madness Games but...

...but can't you add a "2 Players" mode feature, if you do this game will be really kick-ass

Spudzy responds:

I thought about doing that but what would player 2's controls be? Player 1's controls takes up the whole keyboard and the mouse.

Thanks for the idea anyway.

nothing special

nothing interesting
after the first 2 rooms it gets boring
if it had some combos would make a lot better gameplay
all you do is hit or shoot with limited kind of weapons
probably leveling system wouldd be nice and a few upgrades or something

Spudzy responds:

A leveling system for a Flash Game as small as this? That's a crap idea...

Not bad!

Fun Game, I definitely can see the Madness Acelerant influences, but with some of your own personality mixed in for good measure (like the dudes screaming when lit up).. The game play as others have said is definitely a bit on the slow side for a shooter like this. I do like the idea of a second player on tap, and while it wouldve been nice if that second player actually helped, I just considered it a second life and was fine with it.
speed things up, add some more interesting explosions and you will do fine.
keep up the good work.

Spudzy responds:

Thank you Mindchamber! You're by far one of the best artists on Newgrounds.

Good cover

Well I like how you converted a flash story into a playable game. Don't get me wrong the game was great however the extra partner simply being there felt like a dick move a lot!! Mostly because they did nothing at all unless you switched over to them making the game in itself just a bit harder. Why have an extra character there helping if they can't do anything without you switching to control them? Seems pointless.

The graphics were simply Madness and nothing short of what the flash was.

The game play was good but there were several places that annoyed me to honestly no end. For instance early in the game if you screw up once then you get pinned into the corner and can't get up or do anything since once you do you get hit again meaning you have to redo that room all over again to no annoying end.

The final battle was not too bad since if you started with a grenade launcher and ended it with a Dragon's Breath then the battle would be over quickly but some parts of the game were annoying however as once you were down and cornered it was petty much game over since as I pointed out earlier the ally does absolutely nothing unless you switch to them.

Overall, great flash to game convert but the ally system seems pointless. At least have them doing something aside from following you only when not playing as them at least.

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Spudzy responds:

Thank for the great review, I know the ally system is bad, I couldn't figure out how to program him to shoot at enemies.