Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

I like it, but could better.

Good game, but a little boring. I liked the idea of remaking the episode as a game. But I found it very easy and your partner is practically useless when not using it. Well, with some improvements the game would be much more entertained. 7/10


I really don't why people are giving this game a ten. Its alright. I like how you can switch between characters but the other character doesn't do anything. He doesn't attack the enemy or heal you. When I tried to shoot one of the enemies with the M-16, the bullet would hit but others would just fly past him.


i just watched that movie ts awsome 10/10

Spudzy responds:

Woah! Giving me a 10/10 because you thought the movie ts awsome?! Now that's what the fuck I'm talking about!

That was stupid.

Idk why people are giving it 10, you die way too easy and enemies are too strong

this was ok

im giving it ten due to potential