Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

could be awesome

but all the animations are way too slow, there's no way to recover health, and your ally does nothing but follow you around when you're not controlling him. there's a good base here, but you need to add to it

Needs a lot of work....

This was not really fun because it was short and hard like for exsample when you try to go pick up a weapon the NPC'S come out of the doors quicker so im standing there trying to pick it up and they always shoot me before i can pick the weapon up and that just anoyyed me and the fighting isn't even fun because there's like only two fighting moves punch & mega punch what im gonna give you is a score 1/5 and your rating 3/10 next game you make try to put more work into it ok.

my eyes are burning....

imagine its as if you just took madness....... and just screwed it up you cheeck little animator this must have took you at least 3 min to make this peice of eyesore

Spudzy responds:

Wow, you really are too stupid to understand how much work goes into games. 3 minutes to make this? Nah, more like 3 months.

no me gusto

tayudame porfavor porke tengo poca vida y mi compaƱero es un tonto ya no se ke hacer aaaaaa

Spudzy responds:

I couldn't agree with you anymore.


This game isn't very good its ok but you cant heal and there is no cover whatsoever i think it could use some work.

Spudzy responds:

And in what Run 'n Gun game can you heal? This isn't Gears of War or Call of Duty. And taking cover? In Madness Accelerant you can't take cover anywhere and nobody complained about that.