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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Just Saying...

The enimies only attack the character YOUR using and the one your not using doesn't even shoot or attack anything!

how much more could this get worse?!?!?!

the weapons suck,the enemies have shitloads of health,and ur partner doesnt do shit!!!

Spudzy responds:

That means it's hard. Not crap.

needs some tweaking

weapons on the tutorial
sanford needs Ai
that dude with the axe needs to slow down it was like as soon as i got close it was like rapid chop,chop,chop uh-oh hank died game over.
tons of stat upgrades.
maybe some plasma grenades or perhaps a short lived invincebilty mode by stat items
health packs


graphic 6/10
Gamplay - 1/10
Your ally is piece of crap, just follow
Close combat like in first prince of persia - who first strike - he win
Range combad - shitty - cause i shoot but bulets don't hurt some times, no auto-saves,no way to heal...
Game is Alfa even not betta, so go work before put on newgrounds, give play to friends who say true to you. GL HF GG

Spudzy responds:

I couldn't really get feedback from my friends about my game when the game was due like the next day after it was finished.

Not good

The enemys have tons of HP, If you got near a wall and a melee attacker was on you you lost, no pause, your ally was just a tag teamer.