Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


this game is totally epic! i beat the whole game! :D

Could have used more....

It was kinda buggy, and the enemies were too hard to killeven with machine guns.
Nice animation,art and gameplay.


Could use a lot more work!

Found a bug

Alright well it was an okay game, I found a bug in about the fourth room where I cleared it but then I waited for about 4 minutes and the doors still would not open and I restarted and the doors opened that time.

Could be Bettter

There are Problems With This:
1.The Weapons are Falling to slow Causing The Bad guys Ataack you.
2.Ally Do Nothing But Follow Us Around...
3.No hotdogs to refill heatlh like madness acellerant
4.Could Use Some Peanut Butter :3
Graphics: 7/10
And Still No Peanut butters