Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


its a good and easy :D

Spudzy responds:

I'm glad someone knows how to play a real game :D


extremely flawed, and once ur down uv got hardly any chance of getting up

Could use some work

It was an okay game, but I only tried it twice before giving up. First off, the enemies have craploads of health and do insane amounts of damage. Your AI doesn't do a damn thing and everyone just gangs up on you. When the enemies hit you, you most likely will die if you're below 50% health. Once you fall down, right when you get up you'll get knocked down again. There should also be some form of healing yourself. I understand you might be trying to make the game challenging which can be much more fun than powering through enemies, but this is a bit too hard. You most likely heard this in every review, so I'm sorry, but I felt I needed to throw in my two cents. So pretty much:
-Make a short delay so that enemies can't hit you right when you get up.
-Lower enemy health
-Add health packs or anything similar
-Add AI to teammate
-Make enemies attack teammate
-Make it so that enemies don't quickly attack you right when your in range. It's so goddamn unfair
-If you decide to tweak the game a bit and add some things, be sure to not to make it super easy.

I'm sure everyone would be happier and have more fun with your game if you just fixed it. It has potential to be great and I still congratulate you on being frontpaged, but I think it needs work. 6/10 and 4/5.


Well... I rarely give reviews are negative but since this game is featured on the front page I feel that I need to speak my comments about this one.
1) I can't speak for the whole game as i only played for about 15 minutes just FYI
2) Player movement is a little slow so when you only have your fists and you are trying to out menouver the enemy that has a gun its close to imposible.
3) the weapons are either underpowered (except grenade launcher it seems) or the enemies are overhealthed. i picked up some type of automatic weapon and there were 2 enemies on screen. I continually fired and tried jumping simultaneiously to avoid fire but it took too enough time to kill with the automatic riffle that the guy behind him got to hit me 3 times before i killed the first. and health is not in good supply it seems (never saw a health pickup so far)
4) controls could be better, id at least suggest switching the jump and attack buttons such that the fire button would be on the players primary index finger (makes it a little easier for most people) either that or make it similar to WSAD jumping and moving.
5) as said by many... the partner is useless and i didn't play enough to seem a reason switch to him as he does not seem to have a special attack or any other redeeming features. he also does not attack on his own :(
6) No upgrades or experience or powerups so far for the time i played. this gives the game very little REplayability
7) the main players special attack is good but the range is so short and makes it not that usefull because you have to get very close and by that time the enemy has shot you 15 times. (and now your dead)
8) i didn't play enough to find out if any of these points will change with game play but sadly the game did not hold enough of my interest (and i'm pretty easy to please usually)

I also want to say that although I said many negitive things... this game, without a doubt, had a lot of work put into it and should be praised in that regard. IMO it just needs a small amount of tweaking and possibly a small new feature or 2, and it would be 5 times better. The only reason i was so hard with my review is that it is on the FRONT PAGE, seeing as the quality of frontpage submissions is usually very high, i felt that I had to criticize also very high.

you have yourself a solid game with alot of care and love i'm sure, just the little things that i'm sure many would agree need to be changed or fixed to make it an exciting one!

Keep up the good work! Hope to see other great submissions in the future!

Have a great day author and every one else!


Spudzy responds:

Thanks, you put alot of care and effort into your reviews. I appreciate the fact you understand that I put alot of work into this.

Not a bad start....

It has some fun to it, im glad i get to play as the mutated Hank. But it is somewhat mediocre in the end.

first of all depending on what you do it is either way to damn easy or impossible. Don't even bother with guns or using sanford since Hanks falcon punch kills any normal trooper in one hit and utterly destroys bosses. But the auditor was easier then his own troops which is kinda sad. Half the time when he attacked nothing even came near me and I just walked up to him and punched him in the face. The AI partner is completely useless unless you wanna use him after hank gets knocked down but that's the only thing hes useful for. Maybe the option to play was one or the other, each having their own talents would give him some use other then a backup in case you fall over. And the ending was a great way to make a final boss but you didn't do it. I wanted to see the auditor (SPOILERS HERE) Adsorb tricky and make like some black flaming demon thing like Trickys monster form. But the ending was kinda funny and the graphics are great but...graphics dont make the game. 5/10 here.

Spudzy responds:

Thanks for the good, honest review.