Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

my god...

this game is too god damn slow for a madness game, everything moves at the speed of molasis on a cold winters day! you need to greatly increase the speed because this is just TOO slow even if it's so you can jump over the bullets! i had it on low quality but it still ran like crap. please dude, stop putting a bad name to madness games, if this were the first madness game somone played they would be turned off them forever!

Nice try

You had a good idea with choosing between Hank or Sanford but it's annoying to be fighting a group of enemies and your partner is just standing there looking pretty. The only thing that separated the two was just there type of melee. You should have added something to Hank and Stanford to make them unique. Other than that, it was a good game.

Slow and boring.

Short: You took every non-madness thing that was present in Accelerant (enemies taking lot of time to die, ridiculously slow bullets, flying in the air when being hit) and forgot the things that ARE Madness like.
Ah, and tutorial screens are pain in ass. (Press arrow keys to move... - I GET IT! - Press arrow keys to move...)
Needs LOT of work. It's mix of beatem'up and run'n'gun? THEN IT NEEDS QUICKER PACE.
Nothing happens. Nothing. After short play of this I had to run Thelemite, to remind myself how action game SHOULD look like.
Last question: WHY IS THIS FRONTPAGED? I see no other reason besides that Tom Fulp felt *flattered* that someone decided to make poor clone of his game...
But this is *still* just poor clone. And crappy game, too.

Spudzy responds:

The bullets are slow so you have time to jump over them. Also it's probably just slow for you because you were playing it in high quality.


A thorough embarrasment to the franchise and certainly does not deserve front page mentioning.

The controls and gameplay are terrible. To say the odds are stacked against you is being extremely kind.

Spudzy responds:

Wow, you're a 30 year old man and you're bitching at a 15 year old's game. You must have nothing to live for... I'm sorry.

Good Game

Really good, but shouldnt Sanford be able to throw his hook?

Spudzy responds:

He origanally could but it was really glitch.. :'(