Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


This is one of the coolest madness games i have played

Spudzy responds:

Now this is a review I like!

I don't know if it was my computer but

it's kinda laggay

Spudzy responds:

It must just be your computer.

well made but not great

the backgrounds are nice and gameplay is smooth but the fact that every time you take damage you fly like 20 feet and the enemy just like takes it when you do something that should do way more damage to them... i dunno not great


This is a great, GREAT game. But its filled with unbalancedness.
As the comment below says, but if you keep switching it shouldn't be a prob.
When you get the double uzi after the boss, its SUPER eazy to finish the last boss.
Just keep punching the crap out everbody with Hank, then just shoot the living hell out the final boss... He couldn't even do 2 attacks!

Spudzy responds:

Lol, even I couldn't beat the last boss that quick. :o

Thanks for the review anyways.

not very good

the fact that every single hit you take knocks you about 10 feet away sucked whereas the enemys could take a ton of shots and be unharmed by the time you get up theres a buncha people standing away from you shooting you or punching you every time you try to move it just made the whole game too easy to lose at i got to where i kept getting knocked down by a guy with a automatic rifle and couldnt get up eventually i was just shot to death

Spudzy responds:

That's why you should switch character more often.