Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


This is a great, GREAT game. But its filled with unbalancedness.
As the comment below says, but if you keep switching it shouldn't be a prob.
When you get the double uzi after the boss, its SUPER eazy to finish the last boss.
Just keep punching the crap out everbody with Hank, then just shoot the living hell out the final boss... He couldn't even do 2 attacks!

Spudzy responds:

Lol, even I couldn't beat the last boss that quick. :o

Thanks for the review anyways.

not very good

the fact that every single hit you take knocks you about 10 feet away sucked whereas the enemys could take a ton of shots and be unharmed by the time you get up theres a buncha people standing away from you shooting you or punching you every time you try to move it just made the whole game too easy to lose at i got to where i kept getting knocked down by a guy with a automatic rifle and couldnt get up eventually i was just shot to death

Spudzy responds:

That's why you should switch character more often.

Definitely a decent game!

I quite liked the artistic style of the game, the use of the grainy textures worked well with the whole aesthetic of Madness and the animation was pretty good as well. I guess my main issue with the game is that some things need to be neatened up a little bit so that it plays smoother. For instance at the start when it tells you the controls, that could be done a lot quicker so that you're not left walking around the first room wondering how to get out.

Overall, the controls were fairly responsive but I did feel like in some situations the combat could be more exciting. For example, I really think you should have made the character you're currently not controlling be controlled by AI as it's difficult to make the most out of the duo when one is always just walking around not shooting. Also some of the enemy AI could be toned a bit, for example when I was first fighting the Auditor, he just kept teleporting and reappearing in exactly the same spot making it very easy to beat him.

Anyway, I hope you make a sequel next year and like I mentioned before I thought the overall style of the game was well presented, so great job.

Spudzy responds:

Thanks alot for the great review, I probably will be making another Madness Game next year so keep an eye out for it!


Needs work...=\ I agree that something should make the two characters unique...It would be nice to have some AI for the player not being used, but it's fun to switch in-between the two and attack people on both sides.

Graphics need to be extremely toned down...This lags even on low quality. ><
It'd be cool if the guns had a bit more ammo and the enemies died in one shot, like they do in normal madness, to try to make that hard you would have to make a massive amount of enemies appear at one time, which is another reason the graphics need to be toned down. Uhm, I don't know what else to say but I had a few other things to point at...

Spudzy responds:

There isn't much I can do about the lag, sorry.

im very sorry

that game sucks

Spudzy responds:

You suck.