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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Mostly cool.

The knockback gets a bit annoying, especially when it affects the colossal Hank and not the normal-sized enemies.

Sounds good on paper......

But there are lots of errors that, while they aren't gliches as such, they are gameplay flaws that ruin the game outright. (I deduced 1 point for each flaw except the typo ^^)
1. unarmed people, on sevral occations (bad spelling sry) i had unarmed enemys killing me because they could knock Hank (someone 2x bigger than them) across the room and by the time he gets up, he is hit again! need to fix this somehow becasue it cause my death nuomourse time (esp when fighting the big guy with shotgun)

2. no health packs (so far, only got a bit through) mean when one guy is low, you are forced to never use him again so if the guy you are using gets spammed by something like the unarmed guy glich, you are dead.

3. This is a Glich, lots of times (3,4 times a room) it froze up compleaty for a few seconds, that is not my Pcs problem, it is quite high spec and have never had any trouble from games that are much more demanding than this so fix pls.

4. (TYPO) no shotgun is called Dragons Breath, thats a type of shell for the Spas 12 on CoD Black Ops.

5. Your patner should help you or at least, not follow you like a dog all the time, you might as well have 1 guy with dobule health becaus eif one is being gliched, then the other one will be too when you swap.

6. can't pick up weapons until they stop bouncing, caused me death lots of times.

Good but has flaws

The game is overall great but some things annoy me:
-Your partner doen´t help you
-You need to wait for the gun to stop bouncing so you can grab it
-You can´t aim with the mouse

Besides that it good looking game

Quite good...

But you could have done slightly better. Sanford doesn't have a special 'A' attack that I could use. Therefore, I had to use Hank for the entire game. Sanford's special 'A' attack could have been a hook throw, like in Madness Retaliation. Although I WAS glad to see that no damage would have been done to the idle character.
And a tip: As you proceed to the final stage, get the UZIs and don't stop using them as they're the weapons with the most ammo. So when you reach the 200HP Auditor, you should have about 100-250 ammo left. keep spamming it on the Auditor, and once he absorbs Tricky, the game is complete.
Still, quite a good game overall.


Its so awsome that it cannot be discribed with words o__o *speechless face*