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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Passable at least

It wasn't a very good game, but the overall game experience was ok I guess.
The game has many flaws
-Weapon pickup is slow.
-Your ally's AI just sits there and does nothing.
-Stuns are annoying.
-It's very short.

It would get 10/10 by everyone if you had fixed all of the above

A couple of problems...

Overall, this was pretty good! I enjoyed beating the hell out of guys, but the gun drop was WAY to slow, and when i tried to grab them, i had to wait like, a minute. There was one bug, that after you beat the first boss, if you jump just before the auditor comes, then you'll be floating in the air until you jump. Good job nonetheless, and congrats on the first page.

nothing that you have not heard

but the rifle was not the best for me most of the shots missed even up close shots half the time i was praying for a pistol to come by also the melee combat was not that good for hank i would always trade blows with the other ai and end up getting knocked down even thought i was bigger. also the gun bounce was slighly annoying by the time i wanted to get the gun i wanted i would be half dead casue i would be waiting for the bounce to stop but other then that good game had fun with it


How the fuck did this game make it to the top, its godd but as restless sedd alot of flaws especially wiff the fact tht ur partner cant die, whats the point of putting 2 ppl then ?

Not Bad

I liked, however, I have the same complaints as the many reviews below me. I was, also, quite dissapionted at the final fight. It was over WAY too fast, becuase I still had the uzis which took down the auditor almost instantly.