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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Good game

The gameplay is a bit slow, I think. Hank and Sanford move a bit slow. But I liked the idea of being able to switch between the characters, that was a cool idea. Would've been even cooler if the "inactive" character would help me in battle, though and not just stand around watching how I get beaten up, heh.

The graphics are pretty good. I like the backgrounds a lot, you put a good amount of details in there.

The musical choice is very fitting for a madness themed submission, so good work here.

Overall, the game is fun to play, but the characters could move a bit faster.

{ Review Request Club }

Spudzy responds:

Cheers dude.

Why is it?,....

Why is it<..
so many bad review for this game???
It's a good game and not so slow ( maybe the problem is your slow connection and computer)
it's not boring to play although a lil' slow the gun drop to is just 3 - 5 seconds if your gun drop is bout a minute (LOL change your com and connection)
And a gun shots can make your enemy fly (even you) because its "MADNESS"
DON'T STOP EVEN IT'S DEAD( Make it fly forever until your out of ammo!!)
It's good too that the other char isn't moving nor hit by enemies' attack
especially at the final boss if he strike you with it's "dark ball" run to the west end, if the "Dark Ball" passes the other char,control him so you won't take damage,....( use the two char well {by means of swapping} and you can finish the game with a single scratch)
I understand why it is slow though
it has a complex and great graphics even in low quality
that makes everything slow,....
But one thing i agree with the bad review
It's too short,..

but Overall it's a very good and awesome game,..,..

Spudzy responds:

Thank you!

Slow & Tricky

the responses are slow and aiming it is just a wee bit sluggish

Spudzy responds:

For the 1,000,000th time, set the quality to low.


I pick up my first gun after the pistol thinking cool a machine gun, starting shooting the guy with the goggles, I guess my bullets like to decided when they hit the guy which is never, and for some reason sometimes the bullets would make it to the end of the screen and sometimes they would blow up 2 inches from me making them useless, the game feels ridiculously slow, get hit by one bullet, must go flying because you know, that's how real life physics work. But I get it, Its a "madness" anything can happen, especially when Hank is some giant ass destroyer of all worlds, but nah a bullet can knock him back far, sure why not. The controls blow. A.I. is really slow. Over all. Horrible Game, Enjoy that 3.21 cause its just going to get lower. The only thing appealing about this game is the looks and that it is madness, and you my good sir, have definitively ruined and disgraced it well.

Spudzy responds:

Damn trolls, they just won't learn.


ima just give this a big 0 for the fact that the author seemed to bash every bad rewiew. u mad brah? cant handle bad rewievs? need to grow your e-peen? awell even if i did write a decent rewiew of this game seeing as i would have given it a bad rewiew anyways the retards here would have just bumped it usless due to it not being a praise of the game.

Spudzy responds:

Poor troll, trying to get attention :'(