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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

its good but its hard

could u add medals too?

Spudzy responds:

I'll add medals to my next madness game.

Good game... Kind of...

This game is really good if not count all the little bugs (cant get up when beat in to the corner) , easy final boss (giving Sanford double Uzi's when playing as Hank is a good idea actually) and it's shortness. You need a better artist or/and animator to do such games. How did you draw these sprites? I'm actually don't blame you, just asking. You need more aggressive and psychic music. Anyway, gameplay was fun and enjoyable, it has save points, and it's the first game inspired by Madness Abrogation! From Russia(lolcommunism) with love.

Spudzy responds:

Lol, thanks for the review :)

I hitnk

this game is well made graphicaly, but the overall idea sucks, it simply isn't fun to press 2 buttons. I prefer shooting and punching

Spudzy responds:

Well, that made no fucking sense.

The concept if fun but game play just sucks!!!!

Of course I didn't really didn't get to far at all...me aning the second room with guns, but after that whole mishap I decided to never play this game again. Whether or not u as the creator of said game wants to acknowledge these bad reviews or no,t people tell u these things not to cut u down but to help u improve it...which could use some work. I have 2 suggestions for u 1) u gotta speed up this game , when people see the word madness as the header on anything in Newgrounds, which is crazy awesome action at high velocities. 2) game mechanics, the controls are clunky and not very user friendly personally I would of set it pretty much like u did but instead of 1 and 2 as the buttons to switch but instead set D (Sanford) and the down key (Hank) or flip flop it or just put it somewhere better than 1 and 2 because its out of the way. I think if u did these two thing the game would be better perceived and all together more playable.

Spudzy responds:

Thanks, I promise my next Madness game will have much better gameplay.


action games are supposed to have wicked fast response times... i felt like i was controlling a remote-control turtle...

Spudzy responds:

I bet you didn't even switch to low quality... :|