Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


the last boss is way too easy with the uzi's

Spudzy responds:

Nah, you must just be too good :D

Its not bad...

Its just that sanford should get an ability himself,you could give some better guns too
I mean in madness combat 10 hank gets this huge ass gun but the guns here just isn't enough to fill my needs

Man this game owns!

This game has a good ending! when i mean good i mean good!
I like when tricky flys into the auditor, the auditor dies!

Spudzy responds:

Cheers dude.

If Hank have Special Melee Attack

Sanford must have too "Throw The Hook"

Spudzy responds:

I did add that but sanford throwing his hook was very glitchy. :'(

Happy 100th review :D

Very well

Good game! Love puching asshole faces with hank :D
Need health pack (like in Madness Accelerant! hot dogs = health)

My vote: 5

Spudzy responds:

Thank you!!