Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


Good concept, but it had a lot o problems.
1. All weapons exept Dragon's Breath are ultra weak to agents and engineers.
2. In the end part auditor is extremely easy to kill with the dual uzis.
3 The mag agent (not Ducky) does not take much any damage from grenades and no damage from punching
4 Ducky (the one mag agent Auditor ressurected) is really hard compared to the other bosses so it takes like 3/4 of your hp so you cant get the not dying ahievement.

@soulraver11 He gets a hand after taking the Auditators Halo but this game is epic a definite 5 stars!!

I did not like it because the animator and giant were too easy to beat and the animation wasn't that great please updade

It was boring short and the true power of hank/diemos was totally cut to nothing