Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

thank u clown

I in perspective have a "not quite good at all whole year of my life" in only my short 13 years of existing. I haven't visited the site for a long time and yet you still get back at it with a freaky awesome madness game making it just the thing I need for gold entertainment in a shade of deeply dead red blood splattering on a wall from a death by a beat up crane hook.
This madness game is from my perspective, FUCKING LIFE CHANGINGLY FREAKING FUCKING AWESOME FACE AWESOME! The violence from madness abrogation(and idea, ty krinkels!) yet also made from the intellegence of a guy with a purple toothy squid for an icon. Made from these two unlikely creators, it is just the life elite experience you can get out of spending 15 minutes on a computer.
~5/5 Best game I ever experienced~

Spudzy responds:

Thank you :')

the best game played

good but you should atleast make your ally do something than just standing while you're getting beaten up by some those agents

Its awsome but.

could yous some trophys i mean maybe there could be a update or somthing like complete the game or complete the game on hard or just beat the game just while playing as hank.