Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Funny game but not too challenging... Not extremely easy either to clear up with 0 deaths or speedy. Hank's arm is ok, dispatches enemies with 1 charged strike but takes some time to build up.

Dragon Breath, however, is OP as it dispatches everything with 1 hit every time (makes them catch fire). And final boss has too low HP to provide for an epic confrontation.

Overall the game isn't bad but also isn't all that good either. It's okay/decent.

Why everyone hate this game?

the easy way to kill the auditor at the end is to get the uzis and then just let em rip he's dead in 10 seconds

Super good game!

Sadly i'd have to take a star away because you have to wait a bunch of time to get a dropped weapon.
But besides that, everything is fine. (The feature of Auditor being unable to be punched by Hank is intentional?)

I good