Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Hank is Still Alive

this game is as good as Madness:Project Nexus which to me is Awesome

The game...is okay I guess! There are some issues that need to be thought about. Like for example; how Sanford's hook is stronger than bullets from a rifle. That just seemed awkward to me and it looked like a loophole in the game.

But nonetheless, this was really good. It definitely deserved a frontpage, and I hope to see more from you soon. :)


Great game
pls. make other version like madness 9 or madness 8
and also the comming on madness 11
also i know there must be mags in here but why theres not only one ,that ducky

Spudzy responds:

erm, I have more original ideas in mind for the future.

spudzy you should add strenth and weekness like hank great with melee and pistol but slow and sanford fast and great with rifle but do not have super and easly injured make like that this time