Reviews for "Madness Trollification"

So smooooth.

Like butter. Clever choreography. The facial expression on the main character was a real treat too. The only thing wrong with it is that it ended. Coulda used more Dad, but whatev. This is awesome.


He obviously did it for the lulz, I mean what other reason could there be? The facial expressions are what really made it. At times I felt like I was watching an actual Krinkles animation so my hat goes off to you my good man. OH AND HAPPY MADNESS DAY!!!!!! :D


animation is cool, blood sprites are awesome

Great movie.

Madness Trollification is just an awesome movie.
I really love this.

even better animated than me

really good animated and story, but when he shoot trol guy I´d hope that he would die, but haters gonna hate XD 10/10