Reviews for "Madness Trollification"

Awsome movie but two words epic face :D
still really its a good movie and awsome graphics


good madness movie but really.....

a pillow :p

-After watching video-
Hank:Eehh, Sanford? From where you got that laptop?
Sanford:I stolen from guards :3
L33t guy: Hey! GIMME IT BACK! D:
-Sanford gets trollface-
SanfordTrollFace:Problem, dumb what all time dies?
-L33t guy gets in rage-
L33t guy: -groans- NUUUUUU!!!!!
-L33t guy pwns Sanford and Hank but before he did Deimos kills him behind-
Deimos: Ok... Now i can go to heaven, cya guys. -Deimos dies-
Hank:Omg! What the!
Sanford: GOD!!! Deimos is alive? o.O

Very fluid and the guy had style.
Hank would've been proud, had the guy killed Dad and rippe-