Reviews for "Incident:010A"


This is why Madness is so great. Expect the unexpected.

Another epic win.....

Very well done! I loved it, as always. Didn't expect the ending at all, though. Hank kicked some major ass again!! I always did like the MC7 edition of him the most. Really glad you brought the zombies back, too. They were always fun. Why didn't you have more of them, though?


Great Work just like the last short last year!
Somewhat expected but it was short and entertaining!
Nice clash, good job yet again!

Not exactly what i was expecting

but it was nice seeing Hank using his Trademark Katana again, somehow it always seems right when he uses it. and I think i'm not alone when i say that his Madness7 look was the best one. MADNESS 4EVER!


heueehueeu go clown!