Reviews for "Incident:010A"

My personal favorite form back when you where uploading these. Still as amazing as i remember. i'm a long time fan of you and your shit. 10/10 animations for hands and effects... and the gore is lovely.

Well that didn't go how it was supposed to! XD There goes the story continuity... ah well, i8t was just another Incident after all. That one guy is pretty lucky btw, thought that might turn into a 'smoking can kill you' pun hmm, maybe some other time! Nice madness.


The BIGGER they are...
The MORE they..



Good action

Here we go this was one of those pieces that really stand out with good focus and you have shown that on this piece, So as I start this review I was very pleased. And as always you have impressed and shown some good action, didnt seem all that "LONG" but what was there was some good action, and some nice effects, but you have another outstanding piece. I could suggest a few things and I may, but you have really shown the skills and talents on this one so nice job all the way across the board on this piece.

Would love to have more explosion, and more flashy effects come around much more. And could be a bit longer aswell.


Pretty awesome.