Reviews for "Incident:010A"

The bigger they are, the harder they hit

noo hank

A lot of great choreography and humor as always, among other great elements.... but interestingly I think this is one of the only times where someone smoked a cigarette and did not die soon after, if not promptly after since that is a staple trope in the series where lighting up a cigarette is a death sentence; bit of a neat aversion. That guy is one lucky SOB...

The music was okay but nothing outstanding. Animation was smooth as usual and I liked the action. There was some nice slicing going on, and the gun kills were pretty fun too, though not all of them. Some were a bit too much shooting with nothing else going on. This would include some of the zombies at the start and some agents. I really liked the ones where Hank had to, say deflect a bullet, then shoot. Stuff like that. Avoiding and using the gaps in-between shots. That's always interesting to watch. Some of the slicing at the very beginning wasn't that interesting either. I liked the twist ending though, and the joke with the grunt staying alive through all that was fun. He even smoked.
Overall this is a fun short with some stuff, but it's really not that interesting.

Madness 11 looks very noce and funny :DD