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Reviews for "Madness Neutralization"


damn dubstep ruined everything!

this was crap

Omfg ths was so horribly done. This was GARBAGE.

Why the FUCK would you lower the brightness every single time that a message was given? Holy hell that was annoying. And the hints that are given throughout the entire thing are just useless.

And the ending... Wow... What a shit-heap. Thanks for wasting my time with meme emoticons and an ending that was completely irrelevant to the shitty plotline. Come on now... Complete the test before the googly-eyed goons complete it? This was nothing short of being fucking retarded.

You get a 1.

lol garbage

Fix dialogue
Spell correctly
Have a less generic story
Why is he ressurected everytime he dies?
Why does everyone get a second chance?
If he gets a second chance, where was the second chance for all the gaurds and employees that died?
What is the point of the movie if he can't fail? If he just gets brought back every time, he can't lose, thus making the struggle pointless.
Have a real ending.