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Reviews for "Madness Neutralization"


you can put on the history one thing...

the expiriment was a drug that makes the user crazy :D

he was junkie after all XD

very very cool

cool men waht good

no teda

SK: Sleduje%u0161 to hodnotenie a komentare Heno? DobrĂ¡ praca. Len aby si to nevyhral :D :P

Very Portal

The problems are as follows.
This is Portal without a portal gun and with a madness paint job. However, it's a good paint job. It's unoriginal.

The reasoning behind the checkpoints will never be known.

Also, why won't they shut down the checkpoint system if they want to kill him?!

You paused the flash to add text to illustrate a conversation. I know a much better way to do it.


just cool with the portal competition along with the respawn.