Reviews for "Paper Mario Madness"

Dude, awesome.

Paper mario is one of my favorite games and the way you combined it with madness was just epic. I really like the fights, even though they weren't as exciting as some I've seen they stayed true to paper mario. so kudos for that.

P.S. @Scroler
Paper mario is amazing. I'm gonna go play that now and think about how much you fail.

Thanks for using my song ;}

I could not think of a better way to use it then that. Very nice animation, and fluid work.

Well Done. ;}


But for a Madness Cartoon I was expecting alot more Violence, Blood and Tons Of weapons ETC.

But Still A great Flash That needs to be Known

Alpha-Nuva responds:



An amazing blend of paper mario, madness and wtfuckery! i love it!

The pure nostalgia

This piece is great! I wouldn't have ever expected a Paper Mario madness to flow as well as yours. I only wish it was longer. And the musical pieces were amazing.