Reviews for "Madness: Commencement"

nice make more

not bad but to many enemies all i do it try to force my way threw without trying to kill enemies 3 stars thats it

sorry, but this game is fucking crap, awful graphics, bad controls, too much enemies, and also enemies have unlimited ammo or what ? they shoot instatly and the most retarded thing is that fired bullets are just fllying up not just flying forward as the gun when he shoots, guns are dissapearing so i cant pick up them, weapons are fucking weak and why the hell you put red shades agents into it since they were first seen in mc7 and thats supposed to be episode Reedemer since at the start of the game there were Seriff Raydar which was supposed to be Sheriff Radar... sorry but i really dont like this game try harder next time

Not bad, but the controls are a bit complicated. Nice try in recreating Madness Redeemer.