Reviews for "Sloth TV"

A Portal Classic!

Some people may not find the humor in this, but I think it's one of the funniest Portal entries I have seen! Sloth rules! If you think this is funny, you have to check out Sloth TV 2 by the same author!

YEAH!!!!! HA HA!! YEAH!!!

Sloth Kick Ass. You make video sloth.
You kick ass!!!


I love all of the Sloth stuff and the movie was pretty good overall even though it got a little creepy sometimes.

F'in Hilarious

Some people bashed this video but I thinks it's a hoot. The first time I saw it, it had me rolling over laughing. What a messed up video, almost psychadelic. The stained underwear, the hugging candy bar, the music...it's all so cheesy, but that's why it's great!


The Goonies is the best movie ever made.