Reviews for "Sloth TV"


im not trying to be mean or anything, but im not gonna give any stars for that. that was dumb, n those freaky colours hurt me eyes!

thats stupid

dumb, and i don't get it, i didn't like it, the animation rocked.

A catchy tune

But just that. Could use some work, but funny.


the good:
you used some nice sound effects and nice music. the plot was pretty much random, but at least you had some plot ;) . and there's nothing wrong with some "mindfuck" from time to time ;) .

the bad:
those flashing colours in the background really hurt my eyes...

the ugly:
it's an ok flash, considering how old this. but it would be much better if it weren't for those colours in the background. so maybe you can get rid of them?


Was Okay, shouldn't still be here, though.