Reviews for "Sloth TV"

I'm sure there is alot here that i am missing... but given that this was made 18 years 7 months 21 days ago that this was a very memorable thing to be made ... or even now. i just was confused at what i was looking at but it sounded like audio from something but i couldn't recall anything that i've seen... its nothing interesting to me. but i guess its ok.

ahhah this was really funny great song idea keep up great work please animations was funny too

The best Sloth music video to watch while on acid on Newgrounds.

This wasn't bad. It was just nothing too interesting. The animation doesn't seem to hold up well. At least you're paying tribute to such a loved movie! He probably is the most memorable part of the whole film. Well, Baby Ruth salutes you!

It was good that you used actual audio. It's just that this didn't seem to have much point. I guess your later animations will be better. That does look like him. I liked him swirling around at the end.

The animation is good, and it is strange. More comedy would make it better.