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Reviews for "forgotten"

I suspect this will appear in a serious/tearjerker flash at some point. The emotion really shines through the music to tug at the heartstrings.

Awesome work!

johnfn responds:

Man, that would be awesome! I think only one of my songs has made it into an animation, and it was about a guy pooping. Nowhere to go but up!

Thanks for the review.

Very contemplative and pretty. I think you should make classical music more often, Johnfn! :D It's climactic, yet also very soothing. You really tell a story with this one. You did a good job with dynamic contrast as well as melodic development. I think the breakdown at 1:43 is my favorite part. It does have a sad tone, doesn't it? The emotion is overwhelming at times. Excellent, excellent work. The "stumbly" vibe only adds to the emotion imo. I also really admire your improvisation skills. This piece definitely deserves a full 5 seconds of silence at the end, and NOT a brusque cut-off, thank you. >_< Other than that, I think it's as paralyzingly beautiful as "Snowy Night." My iPod's Classical Playlist NEEDS this, Johnfn! Thank you, and keep up the amazing work! :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks! My ultimate goal of sorts is to get emotions like these to come through with my more electro pieces, but you have a point - why even bother making it work when the piano stuff comes much easier?? :P I dunno.

I too like the 'breakdown' hehe I felt like that was a particularly original idea I had. Also I initially uploaded a cutoff version but then I cursed Ableton and rerendered. JUST FOR YOU!

Omfg, this is incredibly beautiful! I think that some of the very short breaks between stuff are milliseconds too long (as you said, stumbly :3), but man, how can one improvise this well?
I haven't even reviewed your previous song yet, but this is too great for me to ignore it for even a second :D

Liked, Rated 5, and Favorited!

This makes me want to play some piano *goes away*

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the piece is totally unquantized and off the grid, which probably explains the derptempo at points. I'm glad you liked it though, let me know if you make anything cool! :D

It's breathtakingly beautiful!

johnfn responds:

you're breathtakingly beautiful! :3