Reviews for "Madness Science3"

lol grudgygrunt such as nice guy...

i liked your effort and i wish luck to your future movies, the story was okay and not bat at all (not perfect but its okay), except for that robotic zombies... it was weird and sence-less

see ya

It's horrible and needs major improvement.

I'm guessing this is your first attempt at flash since the art wasn't good, the sound was unbarable, name is too simple, i didn't get a shit of what happened and you do realise that you're supposed to animate madness, not tween it? tweening is for other stuff like v-cam and big long movements. Not on madness cuz it looks horrible and if you keep tweening you'll just end up like gaybriel barf, hated by animators and loved by mindless retarded fanboys.

But i guess it took time so i'll give you 2 stars for that.


but why the sounds from plazma burst???




EVERYTHING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)