Reviews for "Madness Science3"

Like the character desighn and everything but why did one of the guys have a two mags???that did not really make sence couse the reall gun is just bullpup and shoots explosives its called the xm25 or atleast thats what it looks like.

Can i be part of him making a new one :P EPICC

awesome movie! but 1 question? where is madness day 2012


I think this had some really good designs, but the overall animation wasn't that great. It's mostly because most of the guys look kind of bad with how they appear. I will give you credit for having some really good ideas that are done fairly well. That was what really saves it, especially at the end when you see that giant henchmen with the acid. The acid is, I think a great effect and it really causes damage to the environment. It's sweet to have the enemies have metal claws like that.

Not the best Madness flash, but still good. I think the sounds were synched up pretty well. I also appreciate how there are a lot of good angles being shown in this. It comes off as strong enough to make you forget that it doesn't have the best animation. Brush up on that and this could be better.