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Reviews for "Wreck"

gj mang

DRadDaDanDawg responds:

you too

Bro... No homo, but if you keep talking to my soul and tugging on my heart strings like this I'ma have to take a knee and propose bro <_< xD

First you sat me down at the piano, showing me a talent I didn't even know I had as shattered glass ceilings rained down with Stutter... Then you took me on the most grand adventure I've ever seen in a concert hall and I've never even stepped foot in one with Therese Only One...

And now this one, appropriately named because you have wrecked the sheer fabric of time, making almost 7 minutes seem as if it took up no time at all and even having this song on repeat for the past hour hasn't been long enough. The bass kick bullets tearing through the reality around me, and the destruction is beautiful....

Gah, all I can say is (|-_-|) Excuse me while I lose a few hours to this song on repeat still. <3 Much love, respect, downloaded, 5/5 favorited.

~In Dub We Step My Friend, Until We Meet Again~
-Riggz Rukus

DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Haha much appreciated bro, I'm really glad you're loving my stuff, and lets just say that these were forgotten projects that I "saved" and released... The last three songs I released (including this one) were from a year to 6 months ago, so expect some new ball breaking fabric ripping sound waves ;)

interesting tune, chill flow, great soundscape, could use a bit more bass tho, i like em trembly basses, great tune nonetheless.

- Pandasticality

DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Yeah I thought the bass might be lacking, thanks for the review dawg