Reviews for "That Falling Music Game"

Amazing classic little game :) Wouldn't of thought it would of taken 8 hours but the time taken was definitely worth making it, Love it, Love love love it dude, It's so classic it's amazing :) Great little game to pass the time, This is even helped me get to sleep... It made me really sleepy when I couldn't sleep :)
Will definitely be coming back to play this and try beat my score! and get the You Rock! badge :D


I liked it. It was fun and colorful and a good time waster :) I could read the text fine, and I could see the platforms coming as long as i had my laptop screen tilted very slightly, so i could see the difference in colors.


I liked it. . .


great game amazing for only 8 hours of work maybe a 2nd game that you can plug your ipod up to or play your own MP3s


Never to old to ROCK!