Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"

I played for how long!

I got lost in this game in a good way. Its addicting. Nice work

Just... Excellent..

It´s an amazing game, its graphics are great. What I noted that you can enhance to the game to make it "visually" better, is the form in that the shot transforms , the first is small then it get bigger, I suggest a color/shape change.
And another thing that I wanted to suggest to you is implement a "speed of the castle " upgrade; I really needed it into game LOL.

Cheers, Daniel.


omg so fun, im addicted. i really dont notice the flaws in this game, and the bosses that ive faced so far are pretty easy. if you upgrade right, the game will be easy. i say BEST GAME EVAR!!!

Great! My newest addiction

The quest is way too easy but survival mode is so sick I couldnt stop for hours. Great job. There is a lot of room for improvements. Great opportunity for a great sequel. Nice and original. Would love to see more games like this.

i love this bullet heck.